YouTube Pre-Roll

Roll any of your YouTube videos before the videos viewers on YouTube want to watch.

Why Use Pre-Roll

You’ve probably experienced this: you go to watch a video and suddenly here’s a commercial. You have to watch for five seconds, and then you can hit “Skip Ad”. YouTube pre-roll is a top of the funnel type of digital marketing, used mainly to raise awareness and partly to drive website traffic. It can also be used for lead generation.

Benefits of YouTube Pre-Roll

Running an ad before the user’s desired content means the audience is likely still engaged and willing to sit through a brief ad to get to the content they want to see. Since they’re waiting for the specific video, there’s a higher chance they’ll watch your ad for at least for a few seconds, if not entirely.

YouTube pre-roll is in the same funnel as Facebook Advertising, and is used to raise awareness and drive website traffic. It can also be used for lead generation. Depending on your services or products, your YouTube Pre-roll may be the final key in convincing the consumer to buy.

YouTube pre-roll has multiple targeting options, which allows you to target more accurately to the right audience. The options include:

  • Geography
  • Language
  • Demographics
  • Topics
  • Interests

Partner YouTube Pre-Roll with Overtake’s video production servicesas we will assure you are providing the best message in your video for the audience you want to reach.

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