Waze Advertising

Bring your business more leads with Waze. Overtake Digital is now offering Waze ads, marketing to Wazers when they’re near your business, navigating to a competitor, or searching for a similar product or service you offer.

In Car Advertising

You only pay for interaction so it’s not the impression model that most banner ads conform to.  It’s free banner advertising in a consumers vehicle.

Consumers interact with the ads by searching, clicking and navigations.  Finally, you get full and transparent leads, metrics and reporting with Waze.  We are able to show exactly how many times your ad appeared, how many clicks you received and how many people showed up to your business.  Waze ads can tell you to the “T” how many people came to your business.

Target your competitors, true location based marketing.

overtake waze ads

Choose up to 5 competitors and we can show people an exclusive ad not available to the general public.  Show your company’s special offer to Wazers that are:

  • Near your competition
  • Navigating to your competition
  • Searching for your competitor

Johns Sandwich Shop, or Jack Schneider Chevrolet taking your business?  Not Anymore!

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