James Antos

Executive Team:
Chief Operating Officer
15 Years

Personal Information

James “JP” went from sales manager at a Subaru dealership in Kansas City, to GSM for a Nissan point. Then he was one of the first 40 employees in the early years for the very well known CRM company VinSolutions.

JP helped build AVA’s first Sales Office now known as Converisca in 2012. Then went on to DealerFire where he created the Value, Strategy, and Pitch that eventually led to the company being acquired for millions by Vista Equity Partners. JP helped build teams and individuals over the years that have gone on to head marketing firms, website companies, and software companies for Automotive.

JP is the idea guy, give him something to figure out and he’ll do it. JP’s deep knowledge of web and search came from his time at DealerFire, AVA, Vinsolutions, and Managing Dealerships.




  • If Google can’t crawl your site, it’s not going to rank – but that doesn’t mean avoiding Javascript.
  • For businesses which sell products online and and improve their product listings in the search results.
  • If you’re investing in a new website it’s important to ensure it’s built to succeed in the search results too.

Technical Information

James has multiple certifications with Google, Bing and Facebook.

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