Eric Bolster

Executive Team:
Chief Strategy Officer
12 Years

About Eric 

Eric co-founded Overtake and is our Chief Strategy & Success Officer. Eric has developed online strategies not only internally for Overtake, but with/for a variety of clients from international brands to small and medium sized businesses for over a decade, working in some of the most competitive industries online – such as automotive.

Eric holds a rich background of both retail automotive sales as well as vendor side digital marketing and website design. His intricate roles with some of the largest most successful digital companies in the country like Dealerfire, DealerSocket, and DealerOn makes him a ninja in the digital marketing industry.



Professional Tips

  • If Google can’t crawl your site, it’s not going to rank – but that doesn’t mean avoiding Javascript.
  • For businesses which sell products online and and improve their product listings in the search results.
  • If you’re investing in a new website it’s important to ensure it’s built to succeed in the search results too.

Professional Certifications 

Eric holds certifications for Google Analytics, Google Search Engine Marketing, Google Mobile Display / Retailing, Google, Video Marketing, Waze Advertising, and is a Bing Ads Accredited Professional.

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