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Everyone wants to be on the first page, but not everyone deserves to be there. Your brand and website have to earn that right. Google now uses over 200 signals in their algorithm for scoring. Thus, last year they made over 540 quality improvements to their search algorithm alone.

Organic Search Stats

How important is SEO, take a look at the stats below.  The findings were eye opening even to us!  Organic search still dominates and should be at the center of every brands online strategy.



A 2018 study from SparkToro (Rand Fishkin)

100 Mobile searches resulted in

  • 38% organic listing clicks
  • 3% paid listing clicks
  • The rest of searches were no-click searches

100 Desktop searches resulted in

  • 66% organic listing clicks
  • 4% paid listing clicks
  • The rest of searches were no-click searches
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Why is SEO important?


Content marketing (SEO) is something dealerships started to learn and understand around 2013 – 2014.  Since then there’s been a major fallout of companies able to produce quality content.  Our team of in-house writers know all the rules the search engines play-by.  We only produce original, relevant and high quality content that produces revenue for your business.

  • Keep Your Current Provider, Pay Less

    This is one of the biggest opportunities we see everyday.  If your current paid search company is landing people on SRP’s or the homepage of your website.  They are doing it wrong. We will work together with them to create landing pages for low-funnel buying questions.  This keeps users engaged on your website increasing your chances of a conversion.

5 Essential Components To Landing Pages

  1. Engaging Headline
  2. Information relative to the keywords searched for.
  3. Video, Pictures & Infographics
  4. The benefits of your offering
  5. Clear Calls-To-Action

If you’re landing paid search on pages that don’t include these things, STOP.  You’re paying too much and users are leaving your site without converting.  This is also known as wasted ad-spend.

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Pay Less Overtime With Your Paid Search

As you start to fulfill the 5 essential components of landing pages on your website your keyword quality score will go up.  As quality score goes up, your cost-per-click goes down.  When you’re doing it all right, quality score is affected by up-to 50%.

  • For example, if your keyword is “new chevrolet lease offers” and your current provider is sending them to your homepage or chevy SRP’s on your website.  Stop buying that keyword, your customers are bouncing.  And you’re paying a premium for that keyword, probably close to $10 or more.
  • With quality content, we land people that click on your ad to landing pages specifically talking about your brands’ lease offers.  And our clicks cost you 50% less
  • That’s right, with great quality content, you could be spending 50% less on paid search.

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