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Want to know how you stack up to your competition?  Curious to know how your online presence is positively or negatively affecting your bottom line?  Overtake’s team of digital marketing professionals will deliver to you the most relevant and insightful information about your business and what you’re broadcasting online.  Here is the scoop on our automotive digital assessment

What Is In A Digital Assessment?

The first thing we look at is your website and it’s back-end technical data such as H1’s H2’s, URL structure, meta descriptions and any duplication across the site for these items.

Secondly we look for on-site SEO as it relates to custom original content, questions answered for search engines and any content strategy implemented by current or past providers. While on site  we look at and analyze your SRP’s and VDP’s as well as verify the utilization of the most optimized calls to action to ensure conversion rate success.

On the advertising side we use the most advanced tools available to put ourselves in your area.  This consists of your city, the cities around you and any major metro’s which may be near your business or service area.

From there we can see if your business is looking to educate and capture people at the research phase or if you’re going after the most popular keywords people are typing into search engines as they are ready to purchase within the next 24-72hrs.

We focus on these keywords and take a look at your ads and your competitors ads. It’s important to verify the utilization of high quality low funnel ads answering buying based questions.  In the automotive industry for example this would be searches for lease, offers, deals, specials, incentives, payments, discounts and so on.  We’re able to see what kind of campaigns you are running for SEM that range from predatory to branded and beyond.

Digital Assessment Process


Our process evaluate headlines, descriptive text, site-link extensions, snippets, call-outs, promotions, price-extensions, location extensions and call extensions.  Basically, to ensure that your provider is using the most up-to-date features and functionality available.

Social Media:  The assessment then does a deep dive into the parts of your social media profiles that can be leveraged for leads.  We’re not looking for consistent posting or having a huge amount of engagement and likes.  We’re looking for elements of your profiles that can be used to also answer questions people are asking when on social media.  Our processes and tools check to see if your current or past advertisers are doing right by your dealership and it’s marketing dollars.

Local Listings & Citations NAP / IYP


Lastly, we take a look at your name, address and phone number across the internet and see if it’s listed and indexed correctly among the most popular websites consumers use to find out information about your products and services offered.  This is referred to as NAP/IYP citation consistency and it ensures proper local SEO. Those abbreviations stand for name/address/phone number and internet yellow pages.  If there is a listing information about your business on the internet you’d better believe Google can see it and is indexing it.  It’s so important that Google’s search algorithm relies on local citation signals to the tune of almost 10%.


To wrap up, our online digital assessment is something we will do for your business free of charge.  It will provide tons of value to your business and may show you huge opportunity to gain market share in your area.

Get in touch with us to talk to us about creating great content on your website.

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