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Content Writing

Effective websites require quality content to represent your brand and services. At Overtake Digital, our evergreen content provides the answers that consumers are looking for, while educating and influencing the readers.

Content Creation to Build your Brand

A Business will know what their brand is, however how do you cater your brand to what the consumer’s needs? We will create 4-6 custom landing pages a month, promoting your brand and what customers are looking for. Interesting and relevant content will continue to be ranked by search engines. All content is created and research in-house and given to you for review at the beginning of the month..

5 Essential Components to Landing Pages

  1. Engaging Headline
  2. Information relative to the keywords searched for.
  3. Video, Pictures & Infographics
  4. The benefits of your offering
  5. Clear Calls-To-Action

If you’re landing paid search on pages that don’t include these things, STOP.  You’re paying too much and users are leaving your site without converting.

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