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Video makes your dealership stand out from the competition.  It’s also the #1 consumed media on all social platforms.  Get in-front of your consumers today with custom video made just for your dealership and it’s target buyers.  It’s soooo cheap to do, LOADS less than your local TV station.  Send us your info for a quote and we will reach out personally with details.

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Car dealership video…

…Is something that everyone is talking about.  And, has long been talking about.  If you’ve been to a digital dealer, NADA, or a local workshop, then you’ve for sure heard speakers talk about the importance of video in your dealerships’ overall marketing strategy.

At Overtake we fully understand how to make video at the forefront of your online presence.   We send a team to your dealership to shoot video, not one video, not two, but several videos all in one day.  This includes staff videos, drone footage of the inside and outside of the dealership, B-roll of the community, custom footage of vehicles on your lot.  We usually can hit a few of these topics in one-day.  We maximize our time at your dealership and fly economy to get to you.  Your dealership does NOT have to be doing digital marketing with us to receive video production from us.

Latest incentives and offers –

We use “timeless” videos.  Meaning, we don’t normally include offers and specials in the raw video footage.  This allows us to customize the graphics and text on the video month-over-month.  We are also able to change the voiceover month-over-month allowing us to change offers as your OEM changes them monthly (or several times per month).  Again, we’re all about maximizing your dollars to go as far as possible.

Dealership Logo’s & Assets –

We add your dealerships logo’s and assets to all videos.  For example, not only do we use custom intro and outro screens, we can also brand the entire video with your logo.

Custom Voiceovers –

The voiceover’s are all custom to your dealership, they are not robots, they are real voice actors and your content is all original and specific to your dealership.

Yours To Keep –

All video is licensed to you.  It’s yours to keep and use forever.

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