Experts in Automotive Marketing
Overtake Digital is a Premier Google Partner, specializing in automotive. Founded by three automotive marketing veterans, we focus on customizing your digital strategy to focus on the brand and needs of each dealership. We eliminate the programmatic solutions and take a hands on, human driven approach to build competitive and lead-driven campaigns and content.

Get In Market Leads Not Just Clicks
Our paid search campaigns produce real time phone calls, leads and text messages directly into your dealership. Don’t settle for clicks and inflated website traffic. Our paid campaigns are designed to produce quantifiable deliverables to your dealership everyday.
  • Get opportunity when you don’t organically rank for the search at hand.
  • Easy to use click to call, text or GPS navigation tools to stream line conversion.
  • Top of page top of mind positioning. Getting your company the first swing at the plate with potential new clients.
  • Fully transparent access to Google Adwords and Analytics.
  • Online dashboard with callers name, keywords searched and recorded calls.
  • Hand built and managed campaigns from the ground up everyone month by an account dedicated professional not software.

OEM Brands

Why Overtake Digital

The best way a marketing agency can successfully reach in-market consumers, is to understand what is important at your dealership. At Overtake Digital, we concentrate on what units to move, what models to push, and any specials offered to consumers.

We will take what is important to the dealership, and bring fresh ideas from our knowledge and experience in automotive industry and marketing. Our dedicated team will focus on your market to learn about the competition and your targeted cities. Overtake Digital has access to the best automotive tools available custom build all of your campaigns from scratch, and do the necessary research to know what is effective, specifically for your dealership.

No two dealerships are the same, and no two DMA’s are the same.  Contact Overtake Digital today, and learn how we can customize marketing plan to fit your dealership today!

Let the Experts Help

Overtake stays ahead of the curve with digital marketing trends. Our success has us leading the pack amongst our competitors with our ability to anticipate change and innovation.


Ecommerce SEM

Low funnel action based targeted PPC ads. Get to consumers searching buying based questions.

Fully Transparent

Real-time online dashboard that offers every keyword, quality score, click, cost and more.

Human Driven Campaigns

We are well known within the industry for our technical capabilities due to our industry leading paid search professionals.

Fully Tracked

We not only record every call we produce but we also track the callers name, phone number and keywords searched to find your ads.

Live Dashboard

We provide a live reporting tool that allows you to see everything that is going on with all aspects of your digital marketing with Overtake.

Dedicated Professional

We provide you a dedicated PPC professional that lives and breathes your account everyday.

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