Why do I need seo?

With SEO becoming somewhat of an older term in the digital space it is still considered to have more importance than ever before for any business digital strategy, according to top search engines such as; Google, Bing and Yahoo’s 2017 analysis. Reason being, there is  a rise in instant answers for consumers. This is especially true on mobile, but it’s true on desktop as well. Google is trying to answer a lot of the questions themselves, and that can mean they’re taking away opportunities for increased revenue, or it can mean there’s opportunity to get into those current features for  those answers. At Overtake we ensure our clients know exactly what SEO strategies we recommend for your business through education, outlining, and intent. As a client of Overtake you will be receiving services from structuring your website and creating targeted content, to configuring your site to be found by your customers on all search engines through information and answering real questions typed into search engines or vocalized through mobile devices.  


All businesses deserve to be nurtured in the watchful hands of the best and the brightest in the digital space. Every member on Overtake’s digital  team has an extensive background in content creation, meta tagging,  link building and keyword analysis to ensure increased traffic that converts. All seo and content services are custom tailored to your business with real hands-on human driven work on and off your site. Overtake does not utilize any programs to optimize your site as search engines no longer respond or rank sites for programs that may be running your SEO.


How Overtake does it better

SEO First Steps –

  • Site Audit: Our search analyst in charge of your account will audit your site using our world-class suite of analytics tools. The resulting diagnostics report will act as the basis of your long-term optimization strategy.
  • Conversion-Focused Strategy: Our familiarity with the car-buying process gives us the insight we need to guide customers through their purchasing journey. With the power of persuasive content, intuitive navigation, and enticing calls to action, your site’s users will ripen into your next sales leads.


Overtake advantages

We’re Certified: Our entire team is certified in analytics and adwords with Google, Bing and Yahoo. We do not host anyone on staff without these certifications including the co-founders of the company.

Advanced Analytics Suite: Our SEOs work with the sharpest tools in the shed: MozPro, SemRush Pro, Majestic Gold, SEO Spider by Screaming Frog, Keyword Explorer, Google Keyword Planner, Open Site Explorer, Google Analytics.

Hand Crafted Approach: In today’s world, most marketers rely on outmoded software programs to automate their work. Aronson is proud to be one of the last human driven solutions in the digital space. We follow industry best practices to develop intuitive websites, A/B test forms, optimize for mobile friendliness, and devise signal-driven strategies.

Custom Content: Our SEO professionals code directly in your site’s CMS platform to craft page layouts that are second to none in this vertical – from artfully selected images and compelling tables, to shrewdly placed CTA buttons. View our Page Portfolio.

Savvier on Industry Trends: Google updates their algorithm over 600 times a year. Our elite specialists are tested weekly on the latest industry trends. Is your current digital solution that agile?

Competitor Analysis: In search, everything is relative. A thorough competitor analysis will tell you what your competitors are up to, so you can exploit their mistakes, adapt to their strengths, and ultimately chart out how to prevail in Google, Bing and Yahoo SERPs. Be unrivaled.