Dealership SEO

In the automotive industry, dealerships have many options when it comes to digital marketing. The problem that dealers have is that search engine optimization is not specialized core service for website companies, even though they often sell SEO services. Overtake focuses on doing the work and following the search engine practices that are guaranteed to provide positive results in organic search results to dealers. You need to partner with a company that specializes in SEO and produces their content in house and in a non-duplicate manor. You’re just flushing your money away to a vendor that doesn’t understand how to earn your dealership to the top of search results. The top three positions is where users are clicking when searching online, you need to be there… or they may just go to your competitor. Request your FREE digital evaluation today. We’ll show you how to effectively optimize your site with:

  • Full on-page optimization of every page of your site.
  • Authority building through unique relevant on page content.
  • Semantically markup your website for better organic performance.
  • High quality backlinks.
  • Local Citation Building.
  • Transparent real time reporting.