It seems like every day there is some new tech that will change people’s lives.  Apple, Samsung, and other companies tout their updates as if man landed on the moon for the first time and the amount of information can be overwhelming.  Therefore, we provide a simple breakdown of Google’s latest apparatus the “Beacon”, how it may interact with your day-to-day life, and why Overtake Digital is embracing the IP.

What is it?

Beacons are broadcasting devices.  A beacon is a Bluetooth device that interacts with mobile devices that are tuned in to read such apparatuses. An application can recognize that it is tuned with the beacon then interacts with the cloud and sends the user information relevant to what they are looking at. It is entirely of your choosing and if you don’t want the service, you can not download the product. Overtake is excited to be partnering with Google on the new Beacon program and help shape the digital landscape.

Why you should care?

Imagine looking at da Vinci’s Sistine Chapel and wonder: Who is this guy and how many years did he spend working on it? Instead of reading through a pamphlet or asking a guide, you could simply look at the app and find all the information in seconds. Of course, you could always google such information, but such ease makes it more convenient to users.   Plus, you not always be aware of what you are looking and having such information readily available can take away a lot of frustration.

How widespread is the tool?


The beacon is relatively new and not all companies have picked up on it yet, (Google is piloting it to “select” businesses) plus, there are competitors who are also fighting for such digital spaces. However, Amsterdam has deployed the beacons on a large scale and found it intuitive and user-friendly.  Retail store owners are also quickly adopting and other large cities are using such tech to help tourist and blind people navigate their metropolis.  In other words, Beacon has been touted the device of the year and this time, marketers may not be exaggerating.

Why is Overtake Digital partnering with Google?

Overtake Digital was recognized by Google for being a strong, up-and-coming company and by having most of the team be Google Certified in various fields. Thus, they were chosen to receive a Beacon and pilot the apparatus and why wouldn’t Overtake utilize the tool? Digital-environmental interaction is the new frontier for user experiences.  Being able to interact more with your surroundings can be a great asset for people as they find out information about landmarks and the app can help the learning disabled navigate around areas more efficiently.  From a business perspective, it is easy to change information and simple to use. Thus, utilizing such a resource is a no-brainer. It’s the future and being able to utilize such utilize in the early process, can be beneficial to everyone.

The future of the apparatus.

People spend more time looking at their phone than television. Plus, Pokemon Go! has already proven that people have no problem using their device to interact with their environment just as long as they find it enticing. Unless trends change drastically, digital, environmental interaction is the future and it’s hard to bet against Google who has the resources to quickly employ such tools on a large scale.