Our approach.

Overtaking is the act of one vehicle/company going past another slower moving vehicle/company, travelling in the same direction or towards the same goal.

Our Mission.

We work for the innovative and best-loved companies in the world.

We aredigital.

At Overtake, we don't sell products. Instead we strive for, provide, & transparently share gains, successes, and joint wins via our approach, philosophy, & solutions. Don’t get us wrong, we play just as hard as we work! Culture is everything & we love our culture!

Our name, Overtake Digital says it all. Whether you & your organization are new to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media, & Reputation Management, or if you and your organization have been practicing these solutions for lengths of time. Overtake provides solutions for all sizes of organizations, with all different goals & challenges. We view our relationships with our clients as partners. And together we “catch up with and pass / exceed while traveling in the same direction” (together).

Overtake Digital was established by three automotive & marketing veterans with midwest roots who have witnessed & vowed to dismantle the theory of successful programmatic solutions & standard of opaque or vague reporting that have created more gaps & questions than successes within a number of different industries especially automotive.

With a start-up culture, hands-on approach, a partnership philosophy, & industry cutting edge solutions backed with up-to-date data, tech & insights, it's easy to see why Overtake Digital is the newest & most sought after digital marketing partner available. See what a partnership with us can do for you.


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