Social Platform Advertising

The world has gotten social, so we built a team of social media super stars (targeting strategists and marketing experts) to build campaigns that produce deliverables. This team works alongside our SEM and SEO teams so that it dynamically syncs your other digital campaigns with social platforms, seamless magic.

Search Engine Marketing / SEM

Search engine marketing or SEM should be handled by skilled professionals not software written to do the same thing over and over again. We believe in custom human driven content and campaigns that produce tangible results aka leads. Everything we do is human driven and done in house by professionals that truly love what they are doing.

Dedicated Account Executives

When you sign on with Overtake, you get more than what you expect. We provide a industry experienced professional that speaks the language of your vertical and knows how to acquire and retain customers. Our AE’s are Google Specialists certified in everything Google has to offer. This includes paid search, mobile search, mobile sites, online shopping, display ads, analytics and more. Just ask to see their Google profile page, we’re proud of our AE’s!

Creative Services

Our in-house creative agency is a complete team of videographers, writers, designers, editors and even drone pilots that can bring your brand to where you want it to be and beyond. Let us show you some of the best creative you’ve ever experienced.

Social Media Management

Being active on all social platforms your clients are engaged with is extremely important. Let our team not only handle the tedious work of posting but also responding, converting and generating new business for you while you do what you’re best at. Our social media management is industry leading and provides our clients with new opportunities daily!