Comprehensive and interactive 2D floor plans

Help your customers visualize spaces faster and with greater clarity

 We offers the ultimate companion to your 3-D Showcase and other media-rich content: interactive floorplans. These floorplans use measurements and room labeling to help homebuyers visualize the layout of each room.Our innovative Smart Gallery feature includes a directional icon to show the perspective of each photo. Prospects can better understand the space they are exploring and make a more informed decision as to whether the property is right for them.


We offer several levels of detail when it comes to floorplans. Choose a basic black-and-white schematic or a fully immersive 3-D floorplan that allows clients to add their own decorative elements

Supplement your 3-D Showcase with a traditional as-built floorplan and room measurements. We can enhance this popular option by placing hot spots throughout the floorplan, so viewers can view photos of various locations throughout the property.

To give the property floor-plan more appeal and realism, we can add placeholders for furniture and other traditional property elements to showcase the property’s features. The colorized floor-plan can also include hot-spots throughout the floor-plan to highlight the different still photo perspectives throughout the property

To give the floorplan more appeal and better showcase the property’s features, we can add placeholders for furniture and other traditional elements. The colorized floorplan can also include hot spots, which highlight the different still-photo perspectives throughout the property